Oh Sweet Design is a place for creative happenings. Here, there are no borders for the idea to travel. Shifting the mindset from “I don't think so” to “what if” is the driving force that delivers creative solutions. Our goal is to give every visitor a taste of visual storytelling that is impactful and compelling.

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BRANDING  |  Lone Leaf

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CONNIE OH  |  A designer currently working and living in San Francisco. She has worked with various clients and projects that range anywhere from small-town start up to big time household name. Her specialty is building brands and relationships through creative solutions that inspire people. Collaboration and thorough understanding of the needs of a client is key in developing a successful campaign. Her overarching approach is to view problems with a unique perspective that provide solutions with a fresh take. A new spin, and taking the less obvious road, will result in a lasting impression that'll make people say “Oh sweet!” 


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